Welcome to WEC 2019! Our organizing committee, the University of Manitoba, and the Faculty of Engineering is excited to host this amazing competition. Our goal is to provide students, faculty, and spectators with an exciting, competitive, and professional event that promotes teamwork, creativity, and innovation. The competition is the largest engineering event in Western Canada and as such offers an unprecedented opportunity for partnership and collaboration with industry.

By partnering with us you will be assisting in alleviating the required logisitical, planning, and financial challenges that face a competition of this magnitude. Your support will go directly into making sure that this event is a true success and provides students with a worthwhile experience. Every engineering student attending the event will be aware of your generous support and attribute your name with fond memories. However, recognition isn’t the only value in your sponsorship; you will most importantly be supporting the students through allowing this event to happen. Your generous donation will go towards ensuring that students have the opportunity to test their knowledge and technical skills learnt throughout their degree. This will allow students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, improve on areas of fault, gain self-confidence, and network with peers. All together, making more competent and successful future engineers to solve societies problems.

If you share in our goal to strengthen engineering education and provide an amazing competition at the same time, then please continue reading through this package to discover the levels of sponsorship and rewards available.

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