Meet the Executive Team

Katie Moist


Katie Moist is the Chair (read: master) for the Western Engineering Competition 2019 (WEC 2019). She is in her fifth year of Civil Engineering (read: things that aren’t moving), with a focus in municipal engineering (read: bike lanes) and in the Co-op Program. On top of WEC Katie is involved with the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (read: forced friendships), Committee on Increasing Participation of Women in Engineering (read: networking) and the Provincial Steering Committee for 30 by 30 (this is actually cool). In her role as chair Katie oversees (read: delegates) all aspects of the competition planning and guides (read: micromanages) them to plan this event. In her free time Katie enjoys playing various recreational (read: beer league) sports, such as slow pitch, golf and inner tube water polo.

Matt Allen

Vice President Communications

Matt Allen is the VP Communications for the 2019 Western Engineering Competition. He is in his fifth (and nearly final) year of Civil Engineering with an interest in structural design and project management. Matt also currently holds the role as Vice Stick Finance for UMES and is involved with the design and analysis for the University of Manitoba Steel Bridge Team. As VP communications, he is responsible for effectively relaying information to delegates for the competitions and sessions. Outside of University, Matt avidly follows the MLB, NHL, and NFL in hopes to determine why all his fantasy team records are consistently below 0.500.

Zach Grossart

Vice President Social

Zach Grossart is in is fifth year (and hopefully last) year of mechanical engineering at the U of M. Zach is the WEC 2019 VS Social, drawing on his experience as the Vice Stick Social for UMES and past WESST conferences. Zach has been involved in UMES for five years and is currently the Vice Stick External. In his free time Zach helps defend the UMES beer Olympic title and enjoys firing it up with the boys.

Eric Schillberg

Vice President Sponsorship

Eric Schillberg is the Vice President of Sponsorship for the Western Engineering Competition 2019, whose main responsibility is securing funding for the event. He is in his fifth year of Civil Engineering studies (Co-op designation) at the University of Manitoba with a focus in environmental studies and hoping to specialize in issues related to sustainability and policy management. Along with his role on the WEC organizing committee Eric is also the Vice Stick Operations of the University of Manitoba Engineering Society, representative and advisor for government relations to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, and Chair of Grassroots development with Water Ski – Wakeboard Manitoba. Outside of WEC, Eric is an active all seasons outdoorsman, has a passion for engineering politics and legislation, and is an avid recreational runner and water skier.

Adam Kreigl

Vice President Competitions

Adam Kriegl is the VP Competitions for the 2019 Western Engineering Competition. He is entering his fourth year of studies in Civil Engineering, with an interest in structural design and water resource engineering. Within his position, he is responsible for all matters related to the competitions including rules, judging, and awards. On top of WEC, Adam is involved with UMES on the Socials Directorship, and was previously the head director of the Sports directorship. In his free time, Adam enjoys working out at the gym, playing a little Chopin on the piano, and attending the occasional hot yoga class.

Daniella Archer

Vice President Logistics

Daniella Archer is the VP Logistics for the 2019 Western Engineering Competition. As the VP Logistics, she is responsible for transportation, accommodations, and scheduling throughout the competition. Academically, Daniella is in her third-year of Civil Engineering and aspires to become a consultant engineer in the environmental and geotechnical processes. Outside of the classroom, she is the the Head Director of the UMES Professional Development Directorship, a part of the Committee on Increasing Participation of Women in Engineering, a member of ITE, and obsessed with excellent films.

Karlee Moist

Vice President Finance

Karlee Moist is the VP Finance for the 2019 Western Engineering Competition. She is a fifth year student in the Asper School of Business, majoring in Accounting. Outside of WEC, she was the Vice-President Finance of the Commerce Students’ Association and a member of the organizing committee of the National Business School Conference. As VP Finance, Karlee is responsible for ensuring that all of the financial needs of each committee member can be met and fall within the amount of revenues received. Karlee also enjoys spending all summer at the lake, and travelling whenever she has a chance.

Competition Leads Contact Info

Shea Hunt – Sr. Design – [email protected]
Hannah McBride – Jr. Design – [email protected]
Navjot Singh Garcha – Communications – [email protected]
Jessie Robertson – Debate – [email protected]
Tim Veldhuis – Innovative Design – [email protected]
Robin Armstrong – Consulting – [email protected]
Jasper Arthur – Re-Engineering – [email protected]
Laura Stoyko – Programming – [email protected]